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  • WildOcean_HealthyOceans Preserve Healthy Oceans
  • project-img3 Better Polices, Better Fishing
  • WildOcean_TMOTM(2) Take Marlin Off the Menu

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A Gift to the Sea

02/27/15 A GIFT TO THE SEA Stephanie Choate, winner of the 2014 Fishing World Cup, donated $100,000 from her tournament winnings to Wild Oceans, a conservation group dedicated to the future of ocean fishing. She is pictured here with Wild Oceans president Ken Hinman, Wild Oceans Board Chairman Tim Choate, Vice Chairma..read more

No New Forage Fisheries

12/18/14 COUNCIL MOVES TO PROTECT MID-ATLANTIC FORAGE FISH   The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council initiated regulatory action in December to prevent new or expanded fisheries for unmanaged prey species. Preserving the overall forage base in the region is a priority in the Council’s move into an ecosystems appr..read more

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Marking Time On Menhaden

01/23/15 NEW MENHADEN STOCK ASSESSMENT HIGHLIGHTS, YET AGAIN, THE NEED FOR ECOSYSTEM GOALS   By Ken Hinman We have all been here before. - David Crosby, Déjà Vu  The just-published 2015 Atlantic menhaden stock assessment says the species is not overfished and overfishing is not occurring. Okay, we’ve heard tha..read more

Protecting the Mid-Atlantic’s Coral Canyons

11/10/14 PLAN UNDERWAY TO SAFEGUARD DEEP SEA CORAL HABITATS   by Pam Lyons Gromen In the Summer 2014 issue of the Wild Oceans Horizon, we reported on recent discoveries of coral communities in the cold, dark waters of the Atlantic's offshore canyons, and the efforts of the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council t..read more

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250 Million More Menhaden In 2014

09/25/14 MENHADEN CONSERVATION MEASURES LEAVE MORE PREY IN THE WATER TO SUSTAIN PREDATORS   250 million menhaden!  That's the estimated number of these vital forage fish left in the water in 2013 to feed Atlantic striped bass, bluefin tuna, osprey, whales and myriad other marine animals, because of a new east coast me..read more

BCA Closer to Complete Ban on US Mainland Billfish Sales

10/03/13 October 3, 2013 When the Billfish Conservation Act (BCA) was signed into US law nearly a year ago, conservationists worldwide cheered that the globe’s largest market for imported marlin, sailfish, and spearfish would soon be closed. Although the challenge of getting a bill passed through the legislative process wa..read more

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